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Welcome to Bikes In Stock, New & Used Motorbikes for sale in the UK

Formerly known as Used Bikes UK, Bikes In Stock is the website that lists all the new and used motorcycles for sale from the UK's leading motorcycle dealers. With thousands of motorcycles available for sale, with all available motorcycle makes, from reputable and vetted motorcycle dealers, you can buy your next motorcycle with the confidence that it's from an authorised UK dealer.

New Bikes for Sale

There are now over a thousand new motorcycles for sale, all available here on Bikes In Stock. A lot of manufacturers are having ongoing issues with regards to the supply of various new motorcycle components, which is affecting new motorcycle lead times. The good news is, however, that you can now see all the available new bikes in stock right here, which means that if you see a new bike you like, all you have to do is contact the dealer, buy it and ride it away! No long wait times - these new bikes for sale are all in stock with UK dealers right now.

Used Bikes for Sale

With over 5 thousand used motorcycles for sale available here on Bikes In Stock there's every chance you'll find your next used bike right here! You can refine your used bike search with ease by make, model, colour, engine size, body type, age, mileage, distance, price etc etc In addition to viewing all the used bikes for sale on Bikes In Stock, you can also drill down into things like Classic motorcycles, Ex-Demo motorcycles, Pre-Reg motorcycles, Restoration motorcycles and you can also see all the Clearance motorcycle deals for a cracking deal on your next new or used bike.

Where to buy Motorcycles online?

Since the pandemic, more and more dealers have geared up to allow you to buy motorcycles online via their websites. Find out which dealers are providing this online motorcycle purchase service.

Adding your bikes in stock to this website is totally free of charge for all DealerWebs customers and the end goal is to reduce the cost of advertising to the UK dealer network, which will lower dealer costs, which should hopefully lower the cost of new and used bikes for sale. If you're a motorcycle dealer, but not yet involved in our Bikes In Stock cost saving program, you can find out how to get involved by following the link to dealer website solutions.

Whether your new to the world of motorcycles, or an experienced rider with thousands of miles under your belt, the chances are (if you're anything like us) you're regularly looking at motorcycle websites to find motorcycles for sale. There are literally thousands of motorcycles to choose from, ranging from small 50cc scooters and mopeds up to large capacity motorcyles, such as the mighty Triumph Rocket III which has a staggering 2,500cc engine!

Sell Motorcycles online

If you're a bike trader or an auto trader that has bikes for sale, you can advertise your motorcycle here on Bikes in Stock - get in touch to enquire about motorcycle advertising.

New & Used Motorcycles and Scooters for all riders

Whether you're looking for your next supersport bike for general road riding or track days, or a very economical small motorcycle or scooter for commuting - or anything in between, there are thousands of new and used motorcycles and scooters for sale here on Bikes In Stock. All the new and used bikes for sale are from the UK's leading dealers, which means as a buyer you'll benefit from everything you'd expect to from official motorcycle dealers in the UK.

What are the different types of motorbikes?

If you're new to biking, you might be wondering what different types of motorcycles and scooters there are. The different types of motorcycles available has changed a lot over time, so we've put together some information on what different types of motorcycles are available. We hope you find this useful.


Adventure bikes are built to cope with off-road terrain and are the type of bike you'd be likely to choose if you were on a trip across the Andes. This said, they are also fantastic road bikes, but can be a bit daunting to a lot of bikers as they're pretty top heavy and have a high seat height.

As it happens, not many riders actually venture off-road but buy Adventure bikes for the comfy riding position, great protection from the elements and indeed smooth suspension on the road. Adventure bikes tend to be taller than the other types of motorcycle and typically have larger engines.

NEW Adventure bikes for sale USED Adventure bikes for sale


A classic bike is an old bike, but there's no specific definition here as to just how old. As it currently stands, most bikers would view a classic bike as a motorcycle that was built before 1980. There are other categories within the 'classic bikes' category, such as 'vintage bikes' for example, which are typically bikes made before 1975.

To add even more confusion, there is also the 'modern classics' category, which applies to bikes that were manufactured between 1980 and 1995. This said, the bikes that fall into these categories very depending on who you ask. For example, the original 1992 Honda Fireblade will always be considered a modern classic, but many bikes of this era will not.

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Cruiser / Custom

Remember Arnie's bike in Terminator? That's a cruiser, a 1991 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy to be precise. A cruiser motorcycle will usually have a 'feet forward' and laid back riding position, which leads to a relaxed riding position. In the main, cruisers tend to have a 'V-Twin' engine, which delivers great torque lower down the engine range. Whilst most cruisers will still smash the 0-60 times of most cars (there are obviously exceptions here!), they are not considered performance bikes.

They're built for comfortable cruising and looking cool. Harley-Davidson is typically the first brand that springs to mind when the term 'cruiser' or 'custom' bike is mentioned, but there are plenty of other brands that manufacturer cruisers too.

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The Naked bikes category is pretty of self-explanatory - if you were to think of fairings as clothes that is. The naked bikes category is huge as pretty much all manufacturers have at least one naked motorcycle in their range. If you go back to the 1980's, however, there was nothing like the choice of naked bikes that there is today.

Naked bikes really started to gain market share in the early 1990's and some of the best knows sports bike manufacturers introduced naked bikes for the first time, such as the Ducati Monster which took the market by storm in 1993. Naked bikes are more of an upright riding position, but some are still incredibly fast and are effectively full on sportsbikes without fairings, which also means they cost less to buy.

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Roadsters, or Roadster bikes are similar to naked bikes in many ways and it's a classification that has more recently been promoted by European brands, such as BMW, Ducati and Triumph. In fact, BMW Motorrad and Triumph both now have a model family called 'Roadsters'. Like the Naked bikes category, some are very fast and can also cost less to buy due to having little or no fairings.

Nowadays, roadsters is more of a style than an actual type of bike, and encompasses 'retro', 'street' and 'cafe racer' which are often associated with 'cool' or 'mean' looking bikes. In essence, a Roadster is a motorcycle that has elements of style and soul that's been born out of the coolest bikes from the 1960's and 70's.

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To look at, Scooters haven't changed much since the early Vespa and Lambretta scooters, where Scooters shot to fame thanks to the 1979 film, Quadrophenia. Scooters have smaller wheels and a floorboard where you put your feet. Unlike a motorcycles, when riding a scooter you don't put your legs down either side of the seat, but on the floorboard - as if you're sitting at a table.

Scooters are incredibly popular for commuting, as they typically have great storage, good protection from the elements, very easy to ride (usually twist and go) and are very cheap to run. Some brands do actually make larger capacity Scooters, which are effectively the same in terms of riding position, but have a larger engine and sometimes more storage.

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Sports bikes are effectively road legal versions of race bikes. Sports bikes (sometimes called Sportsbikes) are fully faired and have engines that are tuned for maximum performance, which can be astronomical! In the right hands, there's nothing faster on the road than a high-end sports bike. The Sports bikes category also encompasses 'Supersports' and 'Hypersport', which are the higher end in terms of performance.

Sports bikes are built for speed and the riding position is 'snug' and the rider is leaning forward, which means the riding position puts a fair amount of weight on your wrists, particularly at lower speeds. Sportsbike manufacturers usually have a flagship model, but often have other smaller capacity bikes further down the range.

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Sports Tourer

A happy medium between Sportsbikes and Tourers, Sports Tourers offer sportier handling than Tourers as they're lighter and have stiffer suspension, but due to their slightly more upright riding position, they are also far more comfortable than Sportsbikes. Historically, Sports Tourers have been the popular choice for longer distance riding, such as touring around Europe. In addition to their handling and comfort, they also have excellent luggage capabilities with so many accessories available and are great for a pillion too.

More recently, however, the Sports Tourer category has shrunk in market share as many Sports Tourer riders have switched to Adventure bikes, which offer similar all-round performance, but also have added comfort and a better riding position.

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These are typically the largest bikes on the road and are very comfortable with ample luggage and storage compartments. Moe often than not, particularly on the more modern Tourers, you will also benefit from Cruise Control and Sat Nav - and the higher end Touring bikes are likely to have even more luxury, such as Stereos, and Heated Seats and Heated Grips.

Touring Bikes, or 'Tourers' are the Rolls Royce of the motorcycle world, with the iconic Honda Gold Wing still leading the pack since it first hit the market (in its fully faired state) back in 1980!

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Electric Bikes, Electric Motorbikes, eBikes, Mopeds & eScooters for sale

With fuel costs still extremely high, many bikers are looking for alternative ways to maintain their enjoyment of riding a motorcycle or scooter. This is now possible with an electric bike, where bikers can reduce high fuel costs, avoid the clean air fees in the larger cities and also do their bit for the environment. In 2019 (pre-pandemic), the average journey distance in the UK was a mere 8.4 miles. Considering this, it makes sense that Electric Bikes, Electric Motorbikes, eBikes, Mopeds & eScooters are great alternatives for this length of journey.

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New Electric Bikes

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